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Digital X-Rays

One of the benefits of digital X-ray technology is that you get instant images that are viewed on a computer. You don’t have to develop the X-rays film as you do with standard X-rays. A sensor is used instead of dental X-ray film which allows us to produce images with approximately 70% less radiation to the patient.

We also do not have to worry about any of the processing, the film, or the processing liquids that normally have to be disposed. The liquids are an environmental hazard. Very importantly, X-ray film is never misfiled or lost. The images are stored on a hard drive and can be retrieved and printed on paper instantly, or emailed to another dentist or insurance company. They can be easily stored forever. We have a back up system to insure that the images will never be lost.

The digital system also can zoom in on problem areas. There are tools built into the software that improve the analysis of the images. This is not possible with traditional X-ray film. You get more information with less radiation.

Digital X-rays helps us educate our patients. We can easily show our patients problems that they may be having with their teeth. It’s easy to show these using a digital X-ray, whereas with X-ray film it’s harder for the patients to see anything. Being able to blow up the images on the computer monitor so the patient can see and understand the problem, is a tremendous advantage.